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The Best Restaurants in Town Are at Your Workplace

Spice Up the Everyday

There’s no reason to go out when you can bring the restaurant experience to your workplace with our next-level signature concepts.

High quality, hand-fired by seasoned chefs and prepared with the freshest ingredients, our range of globally and locally inspired flavors hit the spot and are the ultimate work pick-me-up.
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Aromatic, full-bodied, and complex, our exclusive blends are expertly crafted by a family-run roaster with four generations of expertise. We start hand-selected beans responsibly sourced from world-renowned fields, roast them to order and pack each batch while still warm to lock in the blend’s rich flavor.
It takes a great understanding of flavor, texture and technique to elevate the stature of a sandwich. That’s why our culinary team, led by artisan baker Chef Dave Rensi, focused its efforts first on developing the quality bread upon which our Signature Sandwiches are built. Each chef-inspired sandwich features tasty gourmet ingredients, house-made condiments, spreads and bread.
When it comes to the grill, only the best will do, so we head to the historically ranching-rich panhandle of Florida for consistently tender, flavorful beef that lives up to our exacting standards. From the very best burgers to fall-off-the-bone ribs, experience pasture-to-plate perfection.
Craving something fresh and filling? Our flavor-packed salads and macro bowls with a chef’s twist are the ultimate go-to. Or create your own from garden-fresh greens, raw or roasted seasonal veggies, quinoa and delicious whole grains, wholesome proteins and scratch-made dressings.
Crafted using humble, high-quality ingredients sourced from Italy, our modern twists on family recipes deliver savory experiences straight from the streets of Florence and Rome. Whether decadent pastas or on-the-go piadas, each delicious dish is scratch-made with all the Italian flair you’d expect.
Steamed, sauteed or stir-fried: experience the variety of our authentic Chinese, Thai, Japanese and Korean flavors. Each dish is made-to-order with crisp veggies, homemade sauces, all-natural starches and healthy proteins, from traditional recipes to fusion-inspired twists.
Southern-style BBQ, slow-roasted or smoked and served with all the fixins’ from mac and cheese and homemade cornbread to baked beans. Dig into ribs, pulled pork, hot smoked salmon and the tradition of down-home cooking with family recipes and four exclusive sauces.
The perfect complement to your company-wide wellness program, Enlighten® wholesome offerings help support your employees on the path to their best selves. Guided by recommendations from the American Heart Association, our culinary team curates dishes and snacks that taste as good as they are for you.
Sample the global tradition of neighborhood staples with cosmopolitan takes on comfort classics. Line up for the hand-held, on-the-go gyros, kabobs, pitas, hot dogs and street tacos you know and love, made-to-order and customized to your taste. The food you want, exactly how you like it.
Where innovation is always on the menu. Let our award-winning chefs tell their unique story through culinary experiences that see familiar dishes receive inventive spins and seasonal favorites elevated via novel ingredients and new techniques. You’re in for a treat.
Enjoy the locally made, responsibly sourced, fresh baked breads and pastries designed to support all our café and refreshment services. With time-tested recipes and natural, preservative-free ingredients, our cookies, cakes and even truffles are handmade daily by our expert bakers.
Wholesome favorites and fresh takes on classics fit for all lifestyles—welcome to the power of plants. Developed for a variety of dietary needs and carefully curated by our culinary experts, these savory entrées are easily identifiable so the search for vegetarian and vegan options is a thing of the past.
Inspired by the bold flavors and bright ingredients of Mexico: authentic dishes and light, healthy alternatives, prepared fresh. Enjoy our top-rated concept and the endless versatility of made-to-order burritos, classic tacos and nachos, handmade salsas, salads, sides and more.
Experience the rich flavors of the ancient trade route running through Asia and Northwest Africa with authentic spice blends and cuisine from the East and Middle East. Chef-crafted veggies and proteins are paired to perfection with house-made chutneys, sauces and curries.
Order’s up! Hand-cut, juicy burgers, fresh grilled chicken sandwiches, and all the classics, featuring trend-forward recipes, cooked-to-taste, stacked with toppings and served piping hot with delicious sides like house-made chips, seasoned onion rings and crispy French fries.


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